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Order of the Left Hand Path


"Now it is the higher man's role to produce the children of the future. Quality is now more important than quantity. One cherished child who can create will be more important than ten who can produce - or fifty who can believe! The existence of the man-god will be apparent to even the simplest, who will see the miracle of his creativity."[1] - Anton LaVey, High Priest, Church of Satan.

"There is no god by man" wrote Crowley in his manifesto Liber Oz. Additionally, "every man and every woman is a star."[2]

However, Crowley also recognized that some stars shine brighter than others, and that his philosophy of individual liberty based upon an exacting self-discipline of iron will (Thelema) is for an elite, not mass man.

"It is useless to pretend that men are equal, facts are against it," he writes. Adopting the principle of the master morality and the slave morality from Nietzsche, Crowley declares the average man to be a fool, without a will of his own, inert, a characterless nonentity, in contrast to the "man of Thelema."[3]

When Satanists state that man is his own god there must be a clear recognition that we are not talking about man in the mass: universal, undifferentiated humanity. Higher Man, the transitory type between today's mass man and Nietzsche's vision of the Over Man of the future - this is the creative minority we are referring to. It is through this type, and in direct opposition to mass humanity, that the godhood of man (man's continuing evolution and play amongst the stars) will be realized.

Satanism is therefore necessarily anti-egalitarian and anti-democratic, for what are the creeds of equality and democracy other than the tyranny of the mob (and its demagogues) against the creative minority?

"Ye are against the people, o my chosen" states the Book of the Law[4] upon which Crowley comments:

"The cant of democracy condemned... By 'the people' is meant the canting, whining, servile breed of whipped dogs which refuses to admit its deity... When the trouble begins, we aristocrats of freedom, from the castle or the cottage, the tower or the tenement, shall have the slave mob against us."[5]

Nietzsche cleared the slave creeds from the path towards godhood. He calls upon Higher Man to recognize his identity apart from the mob, and to exert his Will in preparing the way for his Over Man, the God-Man, referred to in the Judaeo-Christians' bible as being the spawn of Satan.[6]

What is the Will other than that which is inherently within the Self, and which is manifested by the individual? Genetics determines the Will, and both Crowley and Nietzsche recognized the practical means of attaining the God Race of Man through the means of genetic selection, the concept known as -


Nietzsche writes:

"You are young and desire marriage and children. But I ask you: are you a man who OUGHT to desire a child?

"Are you the victor, the self-conqueror, the ruler of your senses, the lord of your virtues? thus I ask you.

"You should propagate yourself not only forward, but upward... you should create a creator..."[7]

In his commentary on the Book of the Law, Crowley writes:

"What has been the result of our fine Christian phrases? In the good old days there was some sort of natural selection; brains and stamina were necessary to survival. The race, as such, consequently improved. But we thought we knew, oh! so much better, and we had Christ's law and other slush. So the unfit crowded and contaminated the fit.

Should we rather not breed humanity for quality?"[8]


Eugenics was practised in ancient times by the Spartans and the Attica Greeks, among others, and is reflective of the stamina and civilization of those people.

As a modern scientific movement, it was founded late last century buy Sir Francis Galton, and gained momentum in the 1920s and 1930s.

Since eugenics has been associated with the alleged excesses of Hitler, the partisans of egalitarianism have succeeded in making it a heretical science. Fortunately, there are still some valiant scientists who brave the abuse from the dominant egalitarian belief-system and advocate the need for eugenic measures, if mankind is to at least sustain its present level of civilization.

The demographic expert Dr Elmer Pendell concludes that Civilizations collapse because of a proliferation of the least genetically endowed at the expense of the most creative and intelligent, when civilization reaches a point or material progress where the process of genetic selection is no longer operative. "Men no longer need brains and character to stay alive. The weeding out process has ceased. The birthrate of the mentally slow is higher than the birthrate of the mentally agile."[9]

Applied eugenics would require none of the excesses the Hitler regime has been accused of, in its implementation. Financial incentives and discentives (subsidies and tax scales, etc.) would encourage the birthrate of the ablest, while discouraging that of the lowest; i.e. a direct reversal of current policies of most governments. Pendell advocates marriage laws based on eugenic considerations, and the creation of Human Genetics Boards to oversee family planning.

Such measures would of course bring howls of protest from sundry quarters: from the libertarians of the Right to the egalitarians of the Left, from the Christian clergy who see everyone as equal and sacred before god, to those Satanists whose concept of 'Satanism' is little more than unbridled petty-individualism approaching nihilism.

But eugenics is the only practical means by which mankind can not only be stopped from its present course of dysgenic decline, but put on the path to godhood... to a new form of humanity which can play amongst the stars -

Homo Galactica


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