Order of the Left Hand Path

Order of the Left Hand Path


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Self Initiation Rite

Erect an altar and obtain working tools, etc. Adapt the initiation rite and perform a self-initiation.

  1. Provide a full working record of your rite, including whatever emotions, etc. were felt.

Sinistra Vivendi

  1. Where does the name 'Satan' come from?
  2. What does the O.L.H.P. symbol stand for?
  3. What does Satanism view man as being?
  4. From whence does the Satanist's code of living derive?
  5. Define Right Hand and Left Hand paths.
  6. Describe the principle of polarity.
  7. Define 'Sinister'.

Friedrich Nietzsche - Satan's Hammer

  1. How can it be said that Nietzsche is a 'satanic philosopher'?
  2. What do both LaVey and Nietzsche teach about the herd?
  3. According to Nietzsche, every individual represents one of two aspects of life. Name the two.
  4. In Nietzschean philosophy the superior individual - Higher Man - is the transitional type between what two extremes of life?
  5. What shall be the 'mission' of the new nobility, according to Nietzsche?
  6. What advice does Nietzsche give to Higher Man?
  7. Why does Nietzsche condemn pity?
  8. What are the two opposing moralities?

The Coming God Race

  1. What attitude does the Satanist have towards egalitarianism?
  2. What do LaVey, Nietzsche and Crowley all advocate in terms of population policy?
  3. Define eugenics.
  4. What is the Pendell thesis on the collapse of civilizations?

The Faustian Soul

  1. Who was Dr Faustus?
  2. What motivated Faustus to seek a pact with the Devil?
  3. What term succinctly defines 'Faustian'?


Rites & Ceremonies

  1. Describe the purpose of Satanic magick and ritual.
  2. Compose a simple ritual of your own devising. Describe in full.


Visualization is a simple but vital part of both external and internal magick.

By visualization we are changing our state of consciousness.

Visualization has been described as a type of willed day-dreaming. Often symbols, incense and other trappings appropriate to or suggestive of that which we are seeking to evoke are used.


  1. Sit or lie in a relaxed state, and close eyes.
  2. Clear your mind of all conscious thoughts.
  3. Visualize an aim or desire; see it in living detail and colour.
  4. Practice visualization regularly.
  1.  Describe two visualizations in detail.
  2.  Draw a pentagram on a piece of paper 3” x 2”, look at it for 2 minutes, close your eyes & visualize it.


Pathworkings are not simply a leisurely diversion into fantasy. A Working activates the unconscious and puts it into communication with the archetypes of the collective unconscious.

Just as psychiatrists use word-association and ink-blot tests to uncover unconscious areas of their patients' psyches, so the Adept uses Pathworkings to tap not only his own unconscious but to put it in contact with universal images and wisdom, accumulated over thousands of years of man's evolution.

  1.  Either buy a Tarot deck of a type which particularly appeals to you, and choose three of the Trumps;


  1. Choose three runes (see appendix A), drawing each on a piece of cards or paper, about 3” x 2”;


  1. Choose three letters of the Enochian alphabet (see appendix B), drawing on a piece of card or paper, about 3” x 2”.

Do not undertake more than one Pathworking per day.


Physis: First steps towards Self-Overcoming

“Are you the victor, the self-conqueror, the ruler of your senses, the lord of your virtues? thus I ask you?”

-Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Formulate a programme of physical health and fitness, including giving up any habits which are physically or psychologically weakening or controlling you (e.g. drugs, tobacco, excessive alcohol).

True Will: The Next Stage of Physis

The Satanist is attuned to who he really IS. His actions are spontaneous - instinctive; his rationality, intellect, creativity and cunning merely weapons/tools for his instinctual Self.

The entropic force in nature manifests in the individual as it does throughout the rest of nature, when the individual is in a state of health, and at ease with himself, as a totality, as follows:

  1. Lets go to his nature and the flow of his being.
  2. He knows his own boundaries, who and what he is.
  3. He is connected to his parents, to his remotest ancestors - to his genetic inheritance.
  4. He follows his own nature automatically - instinctively.
  5. The individual's life flows, and he is at one with himself, at peace within as opposed to the un-ease (dis-ease) of the sick and the self-divided. Blockage of the flow of life force can occur through outside forces and self-repression, leading to mental and physical illness.

Present Self and True Self

Anti-nature dogmas such as Christianity state that Man is separate from nature. Satanism holds that man is part of nature, an animal whose behaviour is genetically based. This the modern sciences of genetics and sociobiology verify. The INSTINCT is still the dominating force for human and all other animal behaviour. Therefore, the individual cannot be more than what he is GENETICALLY endowed with; although he can be LESS than his genetic potential if repressed by influences which aren't in accord with his true nature (Will).

Satanism unfolds the real nature of the individual; what the Greeks call physis.

The Satanist frees himself from the bonds of dogma and all other influences alien to himself; he unfolds that which he IS.

Make a Self-analysis based on the following questions:

  1. What is your conception of your ideal self - the person you'd like to be?
  2. How do you view your present Self - the person you actually are now?
  3. List the interferences you perceive in the way of achieving you ideal self.
  4. What do you think you can do to overcome these interferences?
  5. To what extent are these interferences products of your own deficiencies; what ones are the result of the influence of others?
  6. What do you consider to be your major goal or life's purpose?
  7. What factors are preventing you from reaching your goal, and who or what is responsible?
  8. Consider ways in which you can overcome these obstacles.

* * *

Write a 500-1000 word essay on how you expect Satanism to affect your life.

Appendix A - The Runic Alphabet

Appendix B - The Enochian Alphabet


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Write what you would like to accomplish or can offer as a member of the O.L.H.P.

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